Wednesday, June 21, 2006


"BRITAIN is probably America's most important ally. So what happens there has repercus sions here too. And if British writer Melanie Phillips is right in her grim portrayal of "Londonistan" - the phenomena of increasing Islamic radicalism and the British failure to confront it - then Americans have good reason to be concerned.

While the United States provides the muscle to defend the free world against what Phillips terms "Islamic Fascism," Britain provides much of the backbone. The "special relationship" between the two countries, she argues, is as vital today as when they stood shoulder to shoulder against Nazi Germany.

So could America really "lose Britain"? In short, thinks Phillips, yes. The situation is so bad that "if we were fighting World War II now, we'd lose."

That Prime Minister Tony Blair has shown great resolve and determination obscures the true picture, she says. For Blair is largely alone in a British establishment rife with anti-Americanism and the desire to placate Islamic extremists."

Tony Blair has become an anomoly among Brit politicians, and upon his retirement from office look for Not-So-Great Britain to move slowly away from being so staunch an ally of America. Just as the rest of Europe has been doing for years now. Slowly, because there's still a nasty world full of insane North Koreans and terror-loving Islam to deal with, and since dealing with such rogues is expensive and Europe is broke they can't cut all ties with the worlds only superpower.

But they've done the math, the same calculations that France is so very good at. Assimilation beats fighting, and what do they really stand to lose by surrenduring Europe to Islam? It's not as if a strong Christian church remains alert to moslem encroachment, and excluding perhaps the Danes, there isn't a dottle of land available rife with anything resembling freedom. The citizens have been disarmed, new laws make it a hate-crime to speak up against moslem terrors, taxation and unemployment are as high as they've ever been and that's just fine with the people who believe that the "wealthy" can afford to pay for those who do not feel the need to work for a living. The unemployed certainly aren't going to buck the dole and demand a return to the Europe of old, and as long as those WITH jobs remain silent all is well. To rally against the onslaught of invading cultures is expensive, too expensive by far, and without serious help from America it's a battle doomed to fail. Asking America for help means infuriating the moslems as well as those who cling to the notion that Europe CAN stand alone against the invading hordes because the better culture will win anyway.

Better a Europe of their design than one beholding to the Yanks. The Yanks do things a different way, demanding productivity from most people who do not reside in Louisiana or California or New York, and asking for the same productivity in Europe would make the moslem invasion seem pale in comparison to the fight that would ensue.

What have they got to lose?


Don't make me laugh.

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