Wednesday, June 28, 2006

'Nam was a bitch, and we carried a lot of excess baggage there as well. Grenada, well, hardly anyone knew we were even there, and Desert's Shield and Storm were in and out deals so the liberal media didn't get to mess with us all that much.

Pilfered this from Woody because I know the feeling all too well., and it isn't a pleasant one. I wish I could pass along even one-tenth of the scuttlebutt from the gang but this would turn into a military blog and little else, and a lot of it, while hardly secret stuff, is inside the Corps and that's where it has to remain. Pay absolutely NO attention to anyone telling you that our boys are wanting to cut and run like some Democrats would have you believe. Also, the Marines and their Corpsman being held in custody over the Haditha nonsense are doing fine, and things are looking good.

Semper Fidelis means ALWAYS, not just when the going is easy.

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