Monday, June 26, 2006

Fun With Numbers, Courtesy Of Dick Morris

"...The Tarrance survey asked Republicans how they feel about the Senate approach (without identifying it as such), thoroughly describing the broad outlines of the bill passed in that house.
One approach, the survey informed participants, would: "provide resources to greatly increase border security, impose much tougher penalties on employers who hire illegal workers, allow additional foreign workers to come to the United States for a temporary period, and create a system where illegal immigrants could come forward, register, pay a fine, and receive a temporary workers permit, provide temporary workers with a multi-year earned path to citizenship if they get to the end of the line and meet certain requirements like living crime free, learning English, and paying taxes."

After this voluminous description, Republican voters indicated their approval of the proposal by 75 percent to 17 percent. By 39-49, they reject the description of this legislation as "amnesty." By 60-27, that said they'd be more rather than less likely to vote for a candidate who embraced the proposal.

The survey then tested the House bill, also without calling it that. It described an alternative approach would "tighten the borders, put tougher penalties on employers and workers who violate the immigration laws, create an expanded guest worker program that allows people to work here only temporarily, and provides that most current illegal immigrants would never be eligible for citizenship." Republican voters broke even on this legislation, with 47 percent backing it and 46 percent opposing it.

The survey then asked Republicans if they would support "an earned legalization program in which illegal immigrants could earn legal status and eventual citizenship by working, paying taxes, learning English, and waiting their turn behind people in their home countries who are already waiting in line for visas." They backed that proposal, 80-17.

"Creating a program in which illegal immigrants could earn legal status as a foreign worker but would have no possibility of ever becoming citizens." They objected to this approach, the essence of the House legislation, by 25-70.

So when the House Republicans maintain that they are vindicating the views of their base, they are just wrong. Republicans are far more tolerant of illegal immigrants - as long as they earn the tolerance by good conduct - than their political leaders seem to be.

This approach is also self-defeating. If House leaders succeed in typing the GOP as an anti-Hispanic party, they will be guaranteeing that red states like Texas and Florida slip into the blue category by delivering the swelling Hispanic vote to the Democratic Party.

President Bush's approach, on the other hand, is inspired. It creates a well-crafted balance between those who want to control our borders and the bulk of the voters of both parties who want to avoid having a disenfranchised class within our country that toils away with no hope of political participation"
Dick spent some time smooching Hillary for work and since that didn't pan out it seems he's back to trolling the Bush Administration. The bottom line remains the irrefutable fact that hispanics procreate at a rate several times higher than any other group in America. Hispanics have long since become enamored of the Democratic way of doing room and board with all the trimmings as long as you hand over a great many Constitutional rights. They've been told, and have become accustomed to hearing, that they are disadvantaged minorities who need help in competing with non-hispanics, and it would be difficult for ANYONE not to desire a spot at the head of the public trough so they vote, and if they cannot do so legally pressure others to vote, for Democratic candidates.

Now none of this would amount to a hill of beaners if the country were not so closely divided along the line of surrenderers and fighters. The folks who dislike handouts, think killing a million or so babies a year is wrong, don't wish to be forced to accept alternative lifetsyles that they consider to be immoral, and would prefer the Constitution to remain as it was written, still outnumber the other side of the aisle that is just fine with all of the above.

Enter the illegals. And the legals who've been mesmerized by the likes of Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, and Teddy-The Woman-Killer. The once precarious balance is now on the brink of being tipped, and the Dems are clinging to this hope as a drowning man clings to a leaky life preserver. Their side is in fact diminishing, thanks to the fact that many future Dems are being killed in the womb, but here come the illegals to right the sinking Ship of Dope.

Work hard, take only your fair share, respect the Constitution and the Country it birthed. Keep an eye on the strong, protect the weak, worship and maintain your own standards and refuse to be be bullied into accepting what you don't like. Doesn't seem all that difficult a concept now does it?

But we're losing ground. The cradle-to-grave coccoon attracts the weak-kneed, and in more cases than we'd have imagined, actually creates more of them. The fence-sitters who used to be shamed into doing the right thing now find a haven in which to retreat from morality, and once there's a place for the weak to run they gather en masse. So, inexorably, we're reduced to the central core that does most of the heavy lifting anyway but we're soon to be dismissed as obsolete naysayers who just can't seem to understand how great other such experiments in multi-culturalism are coming along.

Europe has the moslem horde. Here, we were doing a yeomans job of rising above what slavery had wrought and left us with, but just when the future was beginning to look rosey, here come the illegal hordes. The neon sign proclaiming FREE LUNCH has been lit and it'll take nothing short of a miracle to extinguish it.

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