Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Business As Usual


"San Francisco, eager to put its stamp on the health care debate, unveiled an ambitious plan Tuesday that would make it the first city in the nation to provide every uninsured resident with access to medical services."

Ambitious yes, and a giant step forward in the march to socialism. But nothing new here. What would be interesting to know is how much federal money is going into this scam. And there's ALWAYS federal funding when a city takes on ANY ambitious project, be it building a road or giving hobos free room and board. Then again it's the Left Coast where they still get back 3 government dollars for every 1 taken in from taxes, and one wonders how Massachussets and NYC remain liberal bastions when they barely have one for one deals going on. Damn that Jefferson for pushing those plans that allowed settlers moving west all those tax right-offs. We've spent quite enough time building little Moscow's On The Pacific, dont you think?

Then there's this from Stop The ACLU:

Civil Liberties for Terrorists But Not for American Troops

Eight American servicemen held in irons while they await trial, and the ACLU remains curiously silent. What dopes those 7 Marines and 1 Sailor are. All they had to do was call for a press conference condemning Bush and they'd have been sent from Camp Pendleton to Frisco as they recuperate from such a stressful ordeal.

But At Least There's Some Humor In Today's News:

Saddam, 7 Co-Defendants on Hunger Strike

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