Saturday, June 24, 2006

And The Search Continues...

...For my new carry piece. And at long last I received mail from Ruger that they are still working on a .500 magnum as part of the Alaskan series, but were sidetracked in deciding upon the .500 or .460 as new entries. My remonstrations regarding the .460 fell upon dumb ears, but they did agree that the caliber is more suited to long-range hunting and plinking sports rather than self-defense.

Not that I NEED a new gun, but am itching to fool with a revolver in a major caliber, and do plan on having business cards made that offer "Hold On A Second While I Whip This Out". Look, we all need new challenges, and learning to defend myself with a hand cannon might take the rest of my livelong days, but shooting the same old mouse guns is getting boring. Sure I could go with a Taurus .500, but I wouldn't be happy until a gunsmith worked it over and that's just what one of the local guys does but it'd be another $250 or so on top of the price of the gun itself, and I'd still wind up with something not as strong as a Ruger.

Also, I might have to bug Lem about lending me some of his reloading expertise because cranking off a couple hundred rounds at 2 bucks a pop would be a tad over what I am budgeted for gunplay. Anyway, this is what a hobby is SUPPOSED to be. A sometimes all-consuming trek of frolic and adventure. And if some bad guys get turned to water vapor along the way then all the better.

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