Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mexicans Treated Just A Tad Different Down South...

Okay, anyone with a map can tell that Mexico has a southern border as well, and email from an old friend reminded me of one of his last trips from Mexico to Guatemala, then into Honduras and Nicaragua.

They catch a lot of beaners down that way too, they do, and Fred was at first stunned to see rows of naked men, women, and children lying on the ground as they awaited repatriation back to Mexico.

After a few more such trips, it became commonplace for him to turn down offers of cheap shoes, wristwatches,and other valuables taken from the captured illegals, because that's simply how it's done way down south.

Mexicans get caught south of their border, and they are beaten, stripped naked, and starved half to death as a warning to never again try such foolishness. There were also strong hints to a slave trade that he never did nail down, and to be honest it was because he really didn't want to know or see any more than he already had.

And OUR Loons not only want to let them in free of charge, but there's movement afoot to build schools in Mexico...yes, from OUR tax educate them so that when the DO sneak in they can get better jobs here.

Can't make this stuff up.

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