Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Amateur Bullet And Load Development...MINUS 101

"..oh yeah, and I got 1259 fps from a 6" barrel using a 200 grain Speer bullet."

Wow, that's pretty cool, Jay. How's about those lighter rounds were we talking about?

"Well, using a 110 grain Speer and in the the same gun I got somewhere around 2025 fps or so, but with a different charge. I expect that in the 17" carbine we'd see somewheres at 2400 fps or therebouts."

Man that's smoking for a .357 mag, partner. Think you can kick it up some more without blowing yourself to kingdom come?

"Probably could, but those hollowpoints you want looked at , they'd destroy too much meat as it is."

And that's all of the conversation I'll retell. "Destroy too much meat" is the hunters lament so that one might eat "right up to the bullet hole."


I want something downright dastardly that kills robbers and rapist and thieves, you blithering nincompoop.


I am NOT going to eat them afterwards.


Sweet Lord give me strength.

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