Saturday, June 24, 2006

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"In late November of 2001, Taliban prisoners being held at an Afghan prison revolted. They tortured and killed CIA officer Mike Spann and had another officer in dire peril. Eight men from England's Special Boat Service and nine men from the U.S. Special Forces were sent to prevent a mass escape and to find and rescue the two Americans.

Major Mark Mitchell commanded the Americans, and was awarded Distinguished Service Cross for his actions. At one point, he used a borrowed turban as a rope to scale a wall.

Chief Petty Officer Stephen Bass, a Navy Seal, received the Navy Cross for his actions.
I've just found the story of SBS Sergeant Paul "Scruff" Mcgough. It fills in many of the blanks surrounding the extraordinary fight that these seventeen men won. It's a story you will definitely not see on this side of the pond."

Please consider a mention of this hero of the War on Terror.

The Navy Cross is the second highest award a member of the Naval Service can receive, so it is of course but fitting to make mention of CPO Stephen Bass.

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