Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bangor police officer denied right to vote after refusing to surrender weapon

BANGOR, Maine — In the 18 years that he has been a police officer in Bangor, James Dearing couldn’t think of a single time when someone has asked him to turn over his firearm.
Until last Friday.
Dearing, who was patrolling his assigned beat near the Bangor Civic Center, decided to stop in and cast an early vote. He walked into the polling place in full uniform and stood in a short line with other voters.
One of the election officials told Dearing he couldn’t bring his gun inside. The officer said he thought it was a joke.

Election warden Wayne Mallar then approached Dearing and reiterated the request: Turn over your weapon to another officer or we can’t let you vote.

Dearing refused.

“I would never relinquish my weapon,” the officer said later.

Every police officer in the WORLD misses the point. If a cop can walk into a "polling place" with a gun on his hip, then every other citizen should be afforded the same courtesy.

NOWHERE do you EVER hear a cop say those words. It is ALWAYS...ME...ME...ME.

And the difference between officer Dearing refusing to "relinquish his weapon", and you or I placed in the same predicament?

We'd not only have been  refused the right to vote, but taken to jail as well.

And officer Dearing would have absolutely NO compunction in arresting you or I if told to do so. This of course makes him not only a big crybaby, but an asshole at the same time.

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