Monday, November 15, 2010

Newark: Gunmen herd 40 people, including kids, into storeroom during robbery of Chuck E. Cheese restaurant

Three men armed with handguns robbed a busy Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant on Mowry School Road Saturday night.
Police began receiving 911 calls about the incident at 9:58 p.m., said Newark Police Sgt. Manuel Deserpa.

After entering the building, the three men brandished their weapons and herded 40 employees and customers, including children, into a storeroom.

Eleven Newark police officers and some Fremont officers responded but the robbers left prior to their arrival. A nearby Chevys Restaurant was placed on lock-down until the area was secure.
Deserpa said there were no suspect descriptions because the men covered up their faces.

"Our detective division will be following up on this," he said.

From this and other reports on the story, it appears that the local constabulary took its usual sweet ass time in getting to the party. In our larger metropolitan areas, whenever citizens in the know want fast service they've learned to ALWAYS tell 911-operators that they think they saw a cop getting hurt somewhere at the scene.

Its a good thing to remember should you ever find yourself, for whatever unimaginable reason, unarmed and incapable of protecting your own family.

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