Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keeping Time, Time, Time, In A Sort Of Runic Rhyme...

Disposable watches that won't break anyone's bank

Here at Fort Fits its but a skip and a scoot away from parts unknown, and when venturing into the wild and woolies it isn't all that cool to wear one's $5K Rolex.

Armitrons 408154BTI, Quartz, lower-level entry that is simply the most accurate watch I've ever owned. $30 or even lower depending upon how Amazon is feeling, and anything over $25 and the shipping is on them. Gains 1 second a week. That's ONE SECOND. 39 mm in case diameter.The usual bells and whistles I never use; stop-watch, timer, countdown timer, alarm, yadda yadda. Polyurethane band.

Wal-Mart no-name toss-away Quartz, because it goes for $15 but never stops going ever. Accurate to 3 seconds a week. 39 mm in case diameter. Time and date is all ya get but why ya'd need much more is beyond my ken. Steel ionic black plating to the molecular level bracelet.

Chinaman auto-winder named "Winner". The likes of which can be found at any auction or even eBay if you don't mind dealing with the devil. Around $12.  The least accurate of all the watches I've owned over the past year, but retro and cheap and 7 seconds a day isn't going to kill you. 43 mm in case diameter. Time and date and other things that don't make much sense but it's a Chinaman deal so who knows. Genuine leather strap band.

You'll notice that none of the above are clown-sized, but I'm sure you can find 60 mm female-repellent watches that also sub as a fun for all water pistol/mustache trimmer, if you look really hard. But I've gone through a dozen or more watches this year alone and the above were the cream of the crop with regards to price, accuracy, and durability.

Fashion statement wristwatches are exactly that. And quite individual in taste. Or lack thereof. So that's why you won't see me preening my new Invicta SubmarineScreenDoor Replica Davy Jones Should Die Of Envy, special.

Oh and I apologize for the crappy pictures.  I think the batteries are going in the camera. Where they go beats the hell out of me, but I'm STILL waiting for the $.05 battery that lasts a year like they told us was coming SOON back in the late '50's.

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