Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Morning Frost Cutlery Extravaganza

"...Coastline Choppers, and they're goin' fast. Having any more until next year is not lookin' very good until if and when it happens at that time, or not." Todd Boone. And he said it without hardly a stutter. Well. Little one.

"And now, er, um, remember you'll git this custom trapper for free when you place any order. But it's, um, er, a live show while it's goin' on so you can't send in a postcard cause the show will be not longer live. We toss your name into a hat, er, um, a box, or a bag, er, like that, then pick it 5 or 6 times an hour or once every 15 minutes."

"And I really don't like showin' this knife because its not priced right and my conscious won't let me."


Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

Say, when are these knuckleheads on and what channel? They sound like they might be fun!

fits said...

Ion television carries them here in Florida, usually between 2 and sometimes as late as 4 AM. Can't find squat when going to their website, as it is always wrong and never fixed.

Cutlery Corner broadcasts: Saturday morning at 3 AM, Sunday morning at 2 AM, Monday morning at 3 AM, and Thursday morning at 2 or 3 AM.