Friday, November 26, 2010

Blithering Idiots Have Christmas Lists Too Ya Know...

3. Remington 870 Tactical (12 Gauge). This shotgun will be a nice replacement for the old 870 Express HD I just gave to a friend. The seven shot tube will allow me to offer two rounds of number 6 birdshot to an intruder before I release five rounds of double-ought buckshot. I can release seven shots pretty quickly so I’m pleased this one has a compensated barrel.

Yes but of course. It's what our military, as well as law enforcement does. Warning shots. I do believe it was George Washington himself who pioneered the mulligan for intruders. Proven to be highly effective. In getting yourself killed.

I don't know who this Mike Adams is, but what I do know is that it's a shame he has a platform from which to spew horrible advice. First Amendment and all, so just sigh and hope he doesn't reproduce.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

What's the point? At inside the house ranges birdshot can be just as lethel as a rifled slug unless the target is wearing very thick heavy clothing or is very fat. So all the guy is doing is introducing a wild card into what will already be a life or death situation.

puddlepirate said...

You write you don't know who Mike Adams is, you might want to google somebody and read their extensive writings before going off half cocked.

As to the shotty, mine is left with no round in chamber (no negligent discharge by ignorant people) first is #4 bird, followed by #4 buck, followed by #1 buck, then O buck and finally OO buck. Having an unwanted 2 AM visitor, chambering the first round will put them over the fence. At indoor ranges, #4 bird will put a one inch hole going in out to about a one foot spread that either high, low or dead center will disable but errant pellets will stop on the windows or walls. Some would start with OO buck, but they are sharing their pellets with their neighbors which probably not a desired event. Progressing to larger size shot is anticipating more than one target and it is a fight. If I am planning a fight, there are better tools in the tool box.

fits said...

First of all, I DO know who Mike whatshisname is. An idiot. Anyone who has not shot someone with any sort of shot, as I suppose Mr. Mike has not, is speaking from uninformed conjecture. That makes him !) a fiction writer, or B) a dope for presuming to pass along important information without a clue.

Think of it this way; Say there's a guy online who has never driven a car. He writes about how to drive a car. This man would also be a presumptuous moron but then again, no one would stick up for him. Like they do when it comes to their favorite doofus who once shot a tree stump with a shotgun and now knows all about what sort of shot to use for everything.

I'll say it again this time more succinctly; shoot a man with birdshot and he'll get really really pissed at you. Yes, the noise might frighten him away more than anything else, but if you rely upon that, then don't load any shot at all.

And nice seeing you again, Lem. Hope all is well.

BobG said...

I could understand using birdshot if that is all you have, but even then I would only be aiming at either the head or the groin, as those are the main areas where birdshot might be effective.

fits said...

Thing about birdshot, or any sort of shot really, is in "aiming" it. Sort of defeats the purpose of deploying a scattergun. Nothing beats a 2 ounce slug, but 000 buck is bound to hit something if held in the general vicinity.