Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Empty promises on health care won't really haunt Obama

Aaron Carroll, an Indiana University School of Medicine professor who blogs on health care issues at a site called the Incidental Economist. "There won't be any lifetime or annual limits. There won't be denials for pre-existing conditions. There won't be any surcharges for having such conditions. And it's going to be 'reasonably' priced."

Carroll talked to lots of insurance executives, and concluded it's just not going to happen. "I feel like many people think they will have choice of doctor, choice of hospital, and the ability to dictate care," he writes. "I'm not seeing how insurance companies will be able to offer such products at prices people can afford."
Is any of this a surprise? The fact is, the president knew or should have known that his health care scheme would have these effects. He paid a political price for his actions on Nov. 2. There might be more to pay on Nov. 6, 2012.

Nah. Byron York wrote this piece and Byron would be well served to begin paying attention to how the liberals are spinning the health care debate.
The reason Obamacare appears to be tanking is because both the Republicans and their big business allies are pushing so hard against it, why, hospitals and doctors will raise rates just to see it fail.

But all the long it was SUPPOSED to fail, duh. Conservatives and their money grubbing lackeys would be proven as the bad guys, and the democrats would then race to the rescue by creating entitlements to offset the enormous cost of the new health care system.

Then, at the end of the day people would be forced into accepting such entitlements and their reliance upon the government would be greater than ever. Even the "well-to-do" won't be able to insure themselves and for the first time in history, even folks who should have the wherewithal's to do their own choosing won't be able to.

So far, all is going according to plan. Of course Obama lied. That's what politicians do. But he's spinning it to appear as if he was being straightforward all along, and WE screwed his pooch. Out from behind the curtain will totter those little old ladies who couldn't afford their dentures but this time around they can't afford their canes and walkers either. The Republicans took a great plan and made it so impossible to work that more Americans are hurting than ever before.


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