Saturday, November 06, 2010

If Its Saturday Morning Then It Must Be Time For CUTLERY CORNER!

Last weekend we forgot to add that our emails to a certain legitimate knife manufacturer bore fruit. Frost Cutlery often uses the registered trademark of another company to describe Frost products, and one of the more famous ones contacted Mr. James A. and asked him to cease and desist referring to the Frost piece of junk that Todd and Tom and Sheila were calling the Copper Bolstered Lockback. A name long trademarked and recognized throughout the industry as NOT being a Frost Cuckoo Cutlery configuration.

Score one for the good guys. Now if Spyderco would only take Frost to task for continually referring to the ripoff "Spydie" hole blade that Mr. Boone simply cannot help himself from saying because the moment he spies the stolen Spyderco opening-hole, the word "SPYDIE" just jumps on out.

And while the Cutlery Corner morons have mostly stopped calling their assisted openers "Speedsafe", they still steal the Kershaw registered trademark now and again and continue to have the stones to refer to Kershaw products as "Patent-Pending", when they are in fact fully registered Patents.

Whooops...wait a sec...Todd is on...and he's explaining a giveaway...

"...And all you gotta do to win this pearl handled Trophy Hunter, er, Trapper is to bah any nahff on the show and we'll pull your name out of, uh,  a hat and reward the winner with a recipient."

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