Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Comment Section Change

For the millionth time, at least, HaloScam has temporarily locked me out so I've added what I hope will only be a minor nuisance.

In order to comment you'll be required to enter a name. This helps me because once HaloScam frigs with me again, and they will, it'll be easier to just enter "Fits" when I comment rather than trying to get through their annoying sign-in page.

If this sucks let me know. Writing for ones self is mental masturbation, and while I've nothing against shining the helmet the deal here is to pass along the legit 411 and if anything becomes a hassle it gets shitcanned. Free men shouldn't have to beg in order to do something as innocuous as leaving a comment on some lameass blog. This is the internet. Not War and Peace.

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