Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping Up With The Frosted Flakes Over At Cutlery Corner...

On Monday, the 1st of this month, I commented upon another tongue twister from the irascible Todd Boone as he was hawking for the Cutlery Corner Yak Woman, otherwise known as Jim Frost.

"Really kay-int remember the last tahm I showed this naff...had to be over a year ago...the cobra skin razor. Brand new design and never before seen on television..."

I entitled the posting :

Cutlery Corner Is A Major Importer Of Cobra-Skin Handled Knives...

And subtitled it:  

"So Take Heed PETA When You're Looking For Someone New To Fling Some Nastyass Buckets Of Blood On..."

Well sir, this morning Mr. Boone was once again trying to pawn off bogus Chinaman-made cobra-skin-knives, and reiterated the "fact" that "all the proper channels have been gone through to um, er, um, ah, obtain this handle, um, er, ah, you don't have to worry about PETA comin' after you."

So then, Mr. Boone, this post is for you:

PETA doesn't care one iota what channels you went through in employing Chinese knifemakers to coat a "nahff" handle in cobra skin. PETA members are even nuttier than Frosted Flakes such as yourself, Mr. Boone, and believe it or not aren't affiliated with the government folks who establish or regulate"channels". Now sir, I despise PETA, but I despise you even more, so my original intent stands as stated.

It is my personal feeling and fervent wish that PETA catches up to you grifters and covers ya'll in buckets of Yak blood. I've contacted PETA affiliates in Florida and Tennessee, and they've assured me that they'll be looking into those there "proper channels", Mr. Boone. Because, ya see, if'n they CAN git you in dutch with the government they WILL, but if they can't get you in dutch with the government they'll settle for the slathering of Yak blood. 

Doing both would actually suit them just fine, so if I were ya'll I'd be on the lookout for other geeks bearing grifts. 


TJP said...

It's probably vinyl patterned like a garter snake's skin. It's a brand new design because they finally figured out how to mold the vinyl on the knife without melting the pot metal blade.

Anonymous said...

Probably correct. When dealing with an arch criminal such as Frost Cutlery, it always pays to believe in the exact opposite of what they report as being true.

Frost specs out 440A...CHEAP 440A at that...and 420J as its main blade steels for the higher end brands that must at least look like modern metalurgies. Both of these steels owe a lot to a proper heat treat, something the Chinese aren't exactly famous for. The Chinese screwed Spyderco, a real knife company, by lying to them about the steel they were using so you can only imagine what they're doing to Frost who couldn't care less what the metallurgy really is.

The cobra handles in question look nothing like genuine cobra skin and my guess is the material is something of a wafer-thin mixture of some sort of snake and lots of plastic.