Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NOTE TO FROST CUTLERY: Here's How A REAL Knife Company Conducts Business

Regardless of which Kershaw Knife you choose, you are selecting among the best designs and value from the best knife company in the market today.

Note: As a company policy, The Kershaw Store does not ship to New York State.

And why, pray tell, does Kershaw NOT ship to NY State?
Because NYC is a scumhole that prosecutes ANYONE not wearing a badge who has the balls to think he can carry a knife. ANY knife. Kershaw takes a hit in sales to make a point. So take notes, James A. Shitforbrains Frost. Who poses as Mr. Patriot when in fact he's a lowlife dog fucker that uses the American Flag into tricking people to buy Chinese slag, decent cutlery.

Whew. That felt good. And oh yeah, listen, if you search around you can find better prices. But clicking on the headline link will bring you to a place that cares about what America USED to mean.

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