Friday, November 05, 2010

George Will Offers His Two Cents On : The Recoil Against Liberalism

Unwilling to delay until tomorrow mistakes that could be made immediately, Democrats used 2010 to begin losing 2012. Trying to preemptively drain the election of its dangerous (to Democrats) meaning, all autumn Democrats described the electorate as suffering a brain cramp, an apoplexy of fear, rage, paranoia, cupidity - something. Any explanation would suffice as long as it cast what voters were about to say as perhaps contemptible and certainly too trivial to be taken seriously by the serious.

It is amazing the ingenuity Democrats invest in concocting explanations of voter behavior that erase what voters always care about, and this year more than ever - ideas. This election was a nationwide recoil against Barack Obama's idea of unlimited government.
The more he denounced Republicans as the party of "no," the better Republicans did. His denunciations enabled people to support Republicans without embracing them as anything other than impediments to him. 

He had defined himself as a world-class whiner even before Rahm Emanuel, a world-class flatterer, declared that Obama had dealt masterfully with "the toughest times any president has ever faced" - quite a claim, considering that before the first president from Illinois was even inaugurated, seven of the then-34 states had seceded. Today's president from Illinois, a chronic campaigner and incontinent complainer who is uninhibited by considerations of presidential dignity, has blamed his difficulties on: 

George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the Supreme Court, a Cincinnati congressman (John Boehner), Karl Rove, Americans for Prosperity and other "groups with harmless-sounding names" (Hillary Clinton's "vast right-wing conspiracy" redux), "shadowy third-party groups" (they are as shadowy as steam calliopes), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and, finally, the American people.

It is my belief that this president does not have: A) the guts, or B) the willingness to admit he was in error, both prerequisites in order for him to stealthily slither towards a political center. Especially after initiating the most liberal agenda ever attempted in America.

This would not only be an admission of his being wrong, but completely clueless. Can't be that easy for our affirmative action lad who has been told his entire adult life how his payback for being half-black included abject capitulation by all opponents foreign and domestic. 


Not having the fortitude nor intellectual capacity to rise to such a station on his own, he will find himself in a completely alien terrain. His advisers...the ones who DID have to pay attention in class...have been proved incompetent and its far too late for him to brush up on all those learning-experiences he missed. going to be fun.

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