Thursday, November 25, 2010

Proof The NRA Been Watching Cutlery Corner...

NRA American Damascus Explorer Collectible Knife

Description Authentic American Hand-Forged High Carbon Damascus Stag Limited Edition NRA Branded Knife In a labor intensive forge welding process, Silver Stag’s American artisans combine raw sheets of 1095 steel with 15N20 steel to create authentic, handmade 160 layer Damascus steel blades. The laminated layers of hard and soft steel create exceptional blade toughness, flexibility, and superior edge-holding ability. The time-honored laminating process, first seen in Persia around 500 B.C., produces a beautiful, classic swirl pattern that masks invisible serrations on the edge which enhance its cutting ability. Each highly collectible fixed blade knife is permanently attached to a unique handle crafted from the genuine shed antler point of an American Whitetail deer.

Wowsers! "Invisible serrations"! 

Being able to own a American-Damascus COLLECTIBLE for only $200 clams plus shipping!

And who knew that the Persians had access to RAW (!)1095 and 15N20 steels?!  Or, for that matter, that 1095 and 15N20 obviously had to therefore come in medium, and well-done?!

Or that highly un-ergonomic shed whitetail...deer not found in Persia EVER...somehow in fact was?! Or, um, probably not but what the hell!

Or that modern steelmaking makes Damascus seem silly and that you're only buying it for show but the NRA has to try and make you believe that it remains superior steel you can actually use?!

Sweet moses on a pogo. Damascus, REAL Damascus is a neanderthal  war club when compared to modern metallurgy. Or perhaps the Persians beat us to the moon and forgot to tell anyone.Like the Vikings discovered America but lost their notes.


Bah_Humbug said...

join the NRA - $60 bucks a year and they send you $50 worth of mail asking you to make additional donations. No thanks.

fits said...

But they DO have some fine, vintage wines. For only $8.95 and buy-one-get-one free every other second Tuesday.