Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obama Says Body Pat-Downs And X-Rays Are An Inconvenience For Him Too

President Obama said today he sympathizes with passenger complaints about aggressive body pat-downs at airports, but his counter-terrorism aides say they are necessary to guard against hidden explosives.

Balancing privacy and security is a "tough situation," Obama told reporters at a news conference following the NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

"One of the most frustrating aspects of this fight against terrorism is that it has created a whole security apparatus around us that causes a huge inconvenience for all of us," Obama said.

Okay here's the deal. A $10,000 reward for anyone submitting pictures of the Obama family being X-ray'd and groped by TSA agents. 

My gut reaction concerning this matter is, however, the nagging feeling that he's just lying like the sack of lying shit he is.


Crotalus said...

The creep flies on AF1, ferpete'ssake! No way does he have to submit to this crap! HE LIES!!

fits said...

Oh yeah. I really don't think anyone would be frisking Shelly, however the woman flew.

Crotalus said...

Hell, Fits. I Wouldn't want to frisk Shelly or view her in the scanner. Either way, it's a really repulsive image.

fits said...

Yeah. Had an actual nightmare the other evening. Was standing in line and the lady in front of me was being scanned and they had to stop because her ass wouldn't fit inside the machine. Was getting frustrated until I heard someone shout, "Bigger one for the first lady, now!" Thankfully I awoke before vomiting.