Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oregon Man Wins Right to Give Police the Finger

He Failed To Respect Their Authoritah...

An Oregon man has settled a federal lawsuit over what he says was his First Amendment right to express himself by giving the finger to sheriff's deputies.

The Oregonian reports Robert Ekas settled the suit for $4,000.

In his lawsuit, Ekas said that in July 2007, he flipped off a Clackamas County deputy while driving, and the deputy gave him tickets for illegal lane change and improper display of license plates. Ekas was acquitted on the citations. A month later, he gave the finger to another deputy, who detained him but wrote no tickets.

Ekas alleged he was being harassed.

A story earlier this year in the Portland newspaper brought Ekas national media attention, including an appearance on Comedy Central's "Colbert Report."

County officials say it was cheaper to settle the case than to proceed with defending the suit.

Hold on a sec. Blogging from my laptop outside and a cop car is lazily strolling the area. Gonna shoot him the bird.

There. Shit. Don't think he saw me.

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