Thursday, November 04, 2010

Scots reveal material for 'invisibility cloak'

A new material that could be used to create a real-life Harry Potter-style "invisibility cloak" has been designed by Scottish scientists.
The material, called "Metaflex" could in future provide a way of manufacturing fabrics that manipulate light.
Metamaterials have already been developed that bend and channel light to render objects invisible at longer wavelengths.
Visible light poses a greater challenge because its short wavelength means the metamaterial atoms have to be very small.

What'd I tell ya. First the cure for the common cold, and now invisibility. Neither industries in which the U.K. is leading the pack, but while the free world awaits the holidays its time for the Brits and Scots to boast about absolutely nothing.

Because...if there WERE such a thing then you can bet your bottom dollar that Caliph Barry would have ordered several dozen in order to slink out of town unnoticed when he takes those dozens of warships and thousands of bodyguards over to India for a powwow.

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