Thursday, November 04, 2010

Time to kick back and chill for a while with...Frost Cutlery and Cutlery Corner

               Jim Frost Loves You And Yours!

NOVEMBER to REMEMBER.... 122 Nhaffs* For $140! WITH FUCKYOU FLEX PAY! That's $70 for the knives and $150 for the freight. 30 days to the nanosecond we bill you an additional $70 and we're even-steven. All told its only $290 to your door and if'n you wish to send it back then add another $60 for shipping cause we sure won't pay for that! So at the end of the day all you're out is $210 just to look at the thing, but we've made us a hundred bucks off the top by ripping ya'll off on the freight! What a country ain't it! And even if'n ya'll keep the danged things, we paid the Chinamen what made 'em just ten cents apiece and earned us a bunch a monies just on them knives. But twixt you and us, ya'll know that alla this here math is too much to keep up with so just dang it all and place that order!

You CAN click can't ya? Just cuz you can't add nor subtract use that mouse and git that finger workin' over the link up above and welcome to blademaster heaven!

* Now lookee here. We can't be keepin' up with all them knife laws out there like most other company's do, so for heaven sake don't go ordering something that's illegal where you live. Waste a'time for us to be shipping product in and out and let's face facts, you're gonna be in the jail anyways and not send the knives back in the 30 days we give you.

And to help you in figuring all that out, we'll never let you know the blade length of ANY of our products even though 99% of them liberal nanny rules are about size and size alone. So if'n ya'll get arrested don't go blaming James A. Frost for the fact that you don't live somewheres where free folk make them decisions. 

Oh yeah and one more other thing. Don't be sending us letters about how we can't put chrome and vanadium just on the surface of our swords so's they sparkle like they're real stainless instead of low carbon iron. We can say pretty much anything we want as long as we stay away from them Better Business Bureau people who don't know from squat about runnin' a company. Of course chrome and vanadium just don't sprinkle on like sugar. Ya'll know that, we know that, so what's the problem?


T_Boone said...

T-Boone here - My brother Paul had a big g*ddamn bunyon on his foot the other day. Had to saw it off with a mean ass blade. Fed the thing ta ma dawg. Ha chewed on it like a pig ear for ova tew arrs! I ain't lyin!
That was one bad bunyon. We was so impressed I DE-sided to go an put together a commemorative. That's right - the Paul's Bunyon Outdoors nhaff set. Fowh nhaffs - gen-u-wine bleached red indian bone scales - for only 74.50 + 180 round trip shipping. You don't wanna miss this one folks. Ain't gonna last long! And dawnt think I dawnt know bout Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox - this here set's a spoof. We might look it, but we ain't that dumb!

Git em here:

fits said...

I saw them there nahffs myself, and ordered a passel. Nothin' like some good old fashioned Pakistani butterknife steel to warm the heart.