Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Morning Wouldn't Be The Same Without Cutlery Corner...

...Doing Something Disgusting...

Since yesterday was the Marine Corps Birthday and today is Veterans Day, Frost Cutlery...the folks who brought you the Twin Towers Trapper in commemoration of September 11...have all sorts of special deals on POW/MIA/Viet Nam Veteran knives.

Made in China. My father...who served during both WWII and Korea...would be spitting till he ran dry to hear that an "American" owned company bought some cheap chinamen blades and stamped Happy Veterans Day on 'em. The same chinamen who took prisoners that were never accounted for. The same chinamen who committed one atrocity after another upon our brave men in uniform.

Frost Cutlery. The Infamy Lives On. This is for you, Big Jim...May you rot in hell, fella.

On a happier note, Todd Boone is doing his level best to make us smile while stuttering through another grift. Good for you, Toddy boy. The country needs someone to laugh at since Obama and Lady Shelly are visiting Asia.

Oh and before I forget, Todd old asslick; since ya'll don't favor English all that well, the dictionary definition of "custom":
Custom: made specially for individual customers: custom shoes.
No, the word doesn't mean every product that Frost taps a few hammer marks into an existing bolster then calls it a custom. A Custom product is a one-shot deal, made according to a customers specification. OR to stretch it a tiny bit, a one of a kind special of an existing design. Yeah, yeah, you're an uneducated slob working bunko for another uneducated slob, so here's what you do; each and every time you have a problem with a really-really hard word like custom, drop me a line and I'll translate it for you, absolutely free of charge.
Thing is, old scum dog, foreigners have themselves a look-see at my blog now and again, and to be honest old flea bite you're an embarrassment to the word American.

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