Monday, November 01, 2010

Shining A Light On The Cockroaches...

...Or...As The Stomach Turns...

Invicta Watch Group. I'm still gathering information on what certainly appears to be just another infomercial-type scam being perpetrated on the buying public, courtesy of that bulwark of better business also known as Shop NBC. The past several weeks have been interesting to say the least, but it isn't as if we went into this after recently falling from a traveling turnip truck.

All sorts of schemes and scandals flood the airwaves, Frost Cutlery is a case in point, but what I didn't imagine was someone beating our Frosted Flakes to the head of the line at the outhouse of slithering things R us.

"We all know Invicta has no factories and are strictly marketing. I doubt they have any Designers that are full time employees either, rather they just take a watch like the Bremount to a local tool shop, digitize it, create a solid model and send it to China to start chunking out sub grade steel. They order a shelf item Chinese quartz movement, throw on a strap from Taiwan and there you go, a $70 knock off."

The above quote was taken from a thread at Watchlords. It soon became glaringly obvious to me that my foray into examining Shop NBC and what has become their watch company of record, Invicta, was going to be a hard row to hoe just from the sheer enormity of the scams perpetrated on the public in the name of "bargain hunting".

I do believe we've found the Frost Cutlery of timepieces. The biggest difference being the clientele. Cheap knives are cheap knives. $500 wristwatches that are nothing more than Chinese made knockoffs cunningly referred to as an "Homage" is something else, as people tend to get a lot more irate when they've been "swindled" out of a stack of cash as opposed to a few bucks here and there.

But just as Frost has its Flakes, Invicta has its sycophants willing to overlook the downside of a company that has little to no upside to speak of.

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