Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Carry Demonstrations Have The Fudds...Well...All Fudded Up

Open Carry demonstrations continue to draw criticism, both from people who abhor firearms and people who don’t want people to abhor firearms. This time ’round the debate’s in the great state of Indiana. “Discussions online [at] indicate some gun owners plan to openly carry rifles and handguns around Monument Circle on the day after Thanksgiving,” reports. “According to a flier that will be handed out by participants, the purpose of the walk is to, ‘educate our fellow Hoosiers about our rights to lawfully keep and bear arms.’” The “Black Friday” event fits the usual non-strident, loosely organized template for open carry demos. But it’s still got some (ostensibly?) pro-gun folks twitchy . . .
City-County Councilor Ed Coleman said he is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights but has concerns about the walk.
“I urge this group to reconsider their actions,” he said via e-mail. “I don’t think it will have the desired effect that they are looking for.”
Mike Hilton, of Pop Guns, called the plan asinine.
“It’s kind of cowboy action. It’s little children playing,” he said. “The general population are intimidated by firearms, so why cause a problem?”
And why are the general population so uniformed, so stupid, so childlike, so mentally challenged as to be fearful of an inanimate object, Mikey-Boy?

Don't tax that widdle bwain of yours. I'll tell ya. It's because incompetent moronic dolts such as yourself ORDER THEM TO BE by such inane statements. Hells bells but if a gun nut...someone who even sells those stupid Concealed-Carry badges...says guns are scary then they must be. Wait. If people can open-carry then there's no need to buy your badges. Whew. Glad we figured all that out.

A quick look around the universe tells even so undereducated a person as yourself, Mikey-Boy, that Liberty is an aberration. Look back in history as far as you want, hell, look ahead and you'll find that the majority, the vast majority of folks are quite happy to be vassals rather than men. First the printing press, then newspapers, then the Industrial Revolution, then modern means of communication were supposed to cure all that, but a funny thing happened on the way to the Freedom. 

Tyrants and their lackeys used these wonderful things to frighten rather than liberate the huddled masses, and it sure looks like you've joined THAT club, Mikey-Boy.

Be someone's slave, Mikey. Your call. But never, ever cast aspersions on those who choose not to Fudd their way through life.

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