Saturday, November 20, 2010

Open Carry Dot Org...

We've been having an interesting conversation at this post, Will Texas Pull The Trigger On Open-Carry, and from a comment B.D. made I went to, registered, then tried to comment on a certain posting. 

Deleted the previous bitch session. Apparently, my pc was under the influence of some sort of spyware that has since been deleted, hence the run -around when attempting to log into Open Carry dot Org.

Interestingly enough, in setting up my password and profile stuff, I might still very well be kerplunkt because the profile page lists my birthday as November 30, which is incorrect, and I cannot seem to correct this. No bigee. 

Bottom line appears to be the fact that the Texas Open-Carry fight is heating up, and I wish them luck.


fits said...

Thanks for the input, Mike. What very well may have happened was I picked up something from a previous site that was giving me fits. Pop-up after pop-up, directing me here, there and everywhere. I didn't mention THAT part of the experience because I wasn't certain from whence it came.

I'll try again and report back.

B.D. Walker said...

I didn't have that problem when I register at, fits. I just registered with the forum the day I saw the post on their site that I check from time to time. Hope all works.

fits said...

Seems to be working now, B.D., thanks for asking.