Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Ludicrous Cost Of Firearms

Here's my next purchase. Can be carried cross-body, and believe it or not the handgun...and it is a designed so well with regards to ergonomics that, for me at least, makes it a lot more accurate and with less kick than a .44 magnum. We don't have what anyone would call a winter here, but there are occasions during the December through February months where a light jacket is necessary, particularly in the morning. 

Since open carry remains a no-no... except when hunting but that's problematic depending upon the time of the month a staunch officer of the law might be approaching to have a rag-fest on you because he doesn't agree with you having the same rights as he...this might very well be a very cool swamp defense weapon concealed cross-body under that light jacket. Animals do not hibernate in Florida, on the contrary; bears are hungrier than ever, the coyotes get bolder during the "winter", and the gators are hell on wheels during the afternoon hours once they've warmed up. So the deeper one goes the smarter one need be and carrying a long gun isn't something I cherish doing under certain circumstances.

The PTR will set me back no more than a S&W .500 magnum, and at around a grand apiece both are ridiculously priced, but that, as they say, is that. Checked a decent .223 or 5.56 AR-type lately?

        PTR Pistol PDW .308
  • 8.5" Barrel
  • Black Synthetic Grip
  • Aluminum Forend
  • Sling Swivel
  • 1-20rd Mag


Woody said...

That is tha bomb Fits. I am so jealous...

fits said...

Thanks, Woody. Know what? It's built like an AK. Piece of shit compared to the wood and close tolerances us old guys like but the one I fired didn't hiccup; the mags aren't finicky...I HATE finicky magazines...nothing ever seems to get hung up in the cycle of feed, fire, and fling, and I tried two of 'em extensively before taking the plunge; and son of a bitch but at 50' I could hit a coffee can lid all day without hardly trying.The asking price was a little over a grand and I lucked out to the tune of $880 and change including tax. What I've yet to check out is what she'll do at, say 100 yards or so.Just for giggles and grins, ya know? 8.5 inch barrel isn't a snubnose and hell I've an old Blackhawk that is minute of pie plate so who knows.

Woody said...

My Dad just called and told me he's giving me his SKS. Figure I'll put a composit stock on it and maybe a small scope of some kind... Any suggestions for a low budget way to make it fairly bad-ass?

fits said...

Holy shit that is cool. I came back from my first tour with a beautiful SKS, gorgeous fold-out bayonet and all.

Depends on what you wish to do. Most fella's if they want to trick out an SKA go with a new stock...some folding, some plastic, some walnut, etc etc.

Virtually ALL of the online Sportsman outlets...Capella's, Midway, and the like carry stocks, and CDNN has scope packages starting at $ can get a 40 round magazine...not a typo...for $19.99.

All of the above can be seen on the net, and you can also have them send free catalogs.