Thursday, February 23, 2006

And since I'm still smiling from a great day at the range...

MidwayUSA - PMC Gold Ammunition 40 S&W 155 Grain Starfire Hollow Point Box of 20

I've ordered a box of these. Tried including a picture but it seems that Booger has had it with my posting photographs for a while, and continues to send error message after error message in their stead.

No matter. I've used Starfire in the .357 magnum incarnation and the recovered bullets were nothing if not spectacular. Anytime a round starts off at .357 of an inch and mushrooms to .9 of an inch something is going rather well with the design. In .40 caliber I'd expect the same accuracy and enough punk-punching-power to rival my beloved Rangers, so we'll see what we shall see.

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