Monday, February 27, 2006

The PJ's MUST Try Harder...

Search Engine Activity Through December: Google had a 40 percent U.S. market share, followed by Yahoo at 29.5 percent, MSN at 24.3 percent, AOL at 8.5 percent and then Ask.(Jeeves)com.

Were I a Google shareholder I'd be quaking in my boots over the attack of Pajamas Media, and were I in ant way, shape, or form associated with AOL I'd be wondering how in all hells the largest ISP in the galaxy manages to stay a hair ahead of fricking Jeeves. Can you imagine being 5 times more incompetent than Google? Especially when the race started with you and no one else? Funny thing is, these detweillers STILL haven't a clue as to why they continue to lose market share faster than lemmings over a cliff.

It's a shame Ask is dropping the butler. Was a small touch of class amidst the frenzied assholes.

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