Saturday, February 25, 2006

Watching: The Thing

John Carpenter version. Remake of the kickass original starring Kenneth Tobey and James Arness as The Thing From Another World. Adapted from John Campbell's short story, "Who Goes There?" Anything else and I'd have to Google and that'd piss off the PJ's. Don't need to be on their hit list.

This is one terrific boogeyman from outer space flick. Not as good as the original but nothing could be. Comes damned close, though. All you hear about the first was how it was really all about the zenophobia that was rampant in America circa 1951. That's of course from those who simply MUST find some deep frickin meaning behind what was really just a Haunted House In The Tundra flick. The loons, mostly. Disagree with ANYthing they adore and it is because you're insulated and close-minded. God forbid you like or dislike something on it's merits and without agenda.

The '51 version had the best dialogue I've ever heard, and Carpenter strove mightily to have his characters act and talk like actual human beings and not a gaggle of Hollywood actors trying to out-do one another as they chew up the scenery. I didn't particularly like Carpenter's ending, but it'd be hard to close out a movie like that, at least nowadays. The loons NEED their hystrionics or it's a no-go.

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