Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rangers Will Stay

I was concerned that Winchester might drop it's line of Ranger-T ammunition, so I sent an email. Here's the timely reply:

Dear Bob:

We have no intention of dropping our "T" Series of ammunition as it is our best seller in the police market. We made the bonded series for people that absolutely must have the best performance through glass and are willing to give up performance through many other mediums. Some police departments have "bonded on the brain" and the specifications that they write for ammunition have little to do with performance other than that the bullet must be bonded. Before we had bonded we were not able to bid on these contracts.


Paul Nowak
Senior Technical Specialist

The Winchester dudes are as forthcoming as the Speer (Gold Dots)specialists in answering emails, and his response was what I figured (hoped) it'd be. You can spend the rest of your natural life flitting from one internet rumor to another but I like going directly to the source. It has worked just fine, thank you, except for that one time I asked the NYPD for some specs on their handgun ammo and you'd a' thought I was wanting to know where they kept the crown jewels. That's okay. Liberal cops in liberal city's have frickin coniptions whenever lowly civilians want to know ANYTHING about firearms or ammunition, so I simply contacted the manufacturer of ALL of NYPD's sidearm ammo and they filled me in quite nicely. The cops in the Apple use Gold Dots because of the issue with bonded rounds, and it's really a non-issue but they're only cops and shouldn't be expected to know anything about modern firearms. The hell with penetration and expansion, the latest magic bullet MUST cut through glass like it wasn't there and who cares what it does to the flesh of a felonious target. Not that Gold Dots aren't damn fine bullets, but there ARE better.

Oh and yeah, another thing about the clueless cops up north; they won't carry +p+ rounds because, sniff, they might be too devastating.


Bottom line is the fact that the best defense ammunition in the world is in no danger of disappearing anytime soon. The only rounds that come close to the T's are PMC Starfires, and close is good in horsehoes and hand grenades but not when your shit is in danger of being gangbanged. Like I said, Gold Dots are good too, and Golden Sabers are nothing to sneeze at either. When in doubt, choose the one that feeds, fires, and flings the best in your own gun.

And if you've a serious question ask the manufacturer. They love strutting their stuff.


Anonymous said...

Winchester makes great rounds. For my Russian 7.62x54(R), it is a very clean firing and accurate bullet. The Brown Bear rounds are dirty and have a great deal of muzzle flash.

Winchester makes a good product all around.

Fits said...

For my money, I'd have to agree. I've heard how nasty Brown Bear can be but never tried the brand myself. What sort of kick does your 7.62x54 have, bad? I know a lot is bullet-dependant and tons of stuff out there to dampen felt recoil, but in general.

Anonymous said...

It's a steel lined butt stock, and the Winchester gives it a kick hard enough, my first time firing any rifle in decades, I was sore for a week after.

But as I said, the Winchster round is a pleasure to shoot, almost worth the 1.25 a round I paid, and that is why I bought 500 Brown Bears, at .35 cent a round.

As you know, the 7.62x54(r) round is the oldest rifle round still in existance. It was used in WWI and WWI until Kalashnikov's AK47 and AK74.

Proven round. It was also used in that wonderful crew served Maix machine gun (first deployed in the Czar;s army in 1914 ) as well as most of the standard issue rifles and carbines used by the Red Army in WWII.

Fits said...

Thanks, pal. It'd been a while since I'd fired that crusty old round from anything, and while I'm something of a recoil junky it was not pleasant to shoot for any extended period of time. There'd be days, like all old jarheads can tell you, when your face and shoulder were deadnuts numb after cranking out measly .308's from a 14, or better yet, 06's from an M-1. One of the reasons I switched to handguns as my favorite toy was the fact that decades of punishing the bod with one monster rifle round or another took it's toll. I still enjoy the kick but can ache like a mother for days afterwards when fooling with a Barrett (SP?) or something like it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had it easy. I drove a tank :o)

Lemuel Calhoon said...

For carry ammunition I have been using Cor-Bon for the past few years.

150 gr in .40 S&W
125 gr in .357 Sig

Now that I have an old Colt Series 70 Combat Commander that hasn't been ramped and throated I'm thinking of trying their Pow'RBall.

Fits said...

Damn, one of my uncles was a tanker and I wanted to be one as well. Right up to the point they handed me a rifle and said, go shoot Charlie, boy.

Cor-Bons were one of my fave loads in .40. Loved the kick of the 135 grainers. Never tried their Powerballs but the word is they'll feed in just about anything.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

I have one of the cut down "tanker" Garands. Tons of fun to shoot.

Fits said...

Bet is is. I need to find a good outdoor range that'll let me take one of my brothers big long guns.