Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Still fussing

With one holster after another and it really boils down to there being so such thing as one-serves-all.

Not that I believed the internet scuttlebutt professing great love and admiration towards the modern self-appointed do-it-all rigs, and a lot of that has to do with the type of clothing one wears.

On any given day I can switch between three different style of pants, meaning three different belts, and several shirt configurations as well. There's go to the range gear, go to the mall gear, and go out to eat duds. And no single concealed carry rig is going to fit all of those variations and don't even get me started on formal wear. It's easy for the jean-boys, and more power to them. One trouser style day in and day out, so it's no wonder they fall in love with one style of holster and believe that everyone else should squeeze into their one size fits all way of thinking.

If it's somewhat chilly, a light jacket conceals virtually every holster I own, but the warmer weather is admittedly a challenge. There's the somewhat heavy shirt outside of the pants that hides certain rigs, light shirts that require another rig, and dress shirts that need to be tucked in calling for yet a third, tuckable-type.

Paddle holsters that slip in without fussing with a belt are the way to go when it's spontaneous time, and a quick check of the temp helps with the decision to go with kydex, nylon, or leather paddle styles.

And that of course is all for just one gun. Getting into other conceal carry weaponry means all of the above to fit another size and/or style firearm.

I figure an even 2 dozen should cover pretty much any eventuality with the two carry guns I employ, and when my other pc is running again I'll upload some pictures.

Oh yes, and you'll need at least 5 or 6 different belts as well. And sew two or more extra belt loops on your pants, too. I don't care if you're using the latest in plastic reinforced super belts straight from a cop-shop, the proximity of the loops have as much to with with anything as anything. Do it the right way and you'll forget you're carrying. Screw the pooch because you're a lazy ass and you'll eventually stop packing altogether.

Whatever styles you finally settle upon, try to not let your common sense be overridden by the recommendations from every nutcase who recommends the FBI muzzle to the rear cant. That method is for carrying practically in the small of one's back and is great if you do not sit down. Ever. The gun should slide straight out from the tug of a straight-fisted hand, not bent in several directions at the same time just because the guys who guard the President stand around 24/7, or the Feds think it's way ass cool to pack an angled piece. They travel in groups, use sidearms only as a last resort, and call upon B-frickin-52's if need be to get the job done. Far more "civilians" use guns to defend themselves than law enforcement officers do, so don't ape the LEO's just because they look like they might have some idea of what's going on. I know and talk with lots of them lots of the time.

They don't. They direct traffic, serve warrants, tax you for speeding, and gather in herds if and when the shit hits the fan. Most can't shoot, and don't wanna know how. What used to be a vocation is now nothing more than a profession and there isn't a damned thing wrong with that because that is reality and it is a good thing to know about reality. 99% are nice guys but know diddly about deadly force as employed via the handgun.

PS: We haven't gotten into what Lisa will use when she gets her CWP, and that will be a tale to tell.


Anonymous said...

Heh. I think the *hidden behind cardboard in the back pocket* trick would be good. But that's because I haven't messed with any of the holsters yet.

Logically, it will have to be a belts for me. Ever.


Fits said...

Yep, we can do paddles. Ankle holsters too. Then again, you'd have to stop wearing those skintight jeans or the bulge from your ankle would be a dead giveaway. Wouldn't be a problem to find you a pair you don't have to spraypaint on...