Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Slumming over at The Corner At National Review Online...

And among other things it's beg-Cheney-to-talk-about-it time. Liberals sit down and talk about it. Real people know that it's nothing more than an accident. Accident means not-on-purpose. We conservatives know what both "accident" and "not on purpose" mean, so I guess they want the VP to calm the loons.

The guy was where he should not have been and took some birdshot for his trouble. But because he's also an old guy, his ticker went south on him and he's critical, so Dick should talk about it and make us feel better.

Nah. Let Dr. Phil handle the quivering mob. And this can also be found there as well:


From Ron Liddle in the 2/4/06 London Spectator:

"One of Britain's top Muslims, the ever-entertaining Sir Iqbal Sacranie, is in trouble for having expressed the wholly orthodox -- and even, by his religion's standards, moderate -- view that homosexuals are 'not acceptable' and 'immoral' and that 'same-sex relationships damage the very foundations of society.' For having come up with this stuff on the BBC's 'PM' programme, he has been investigated by the police for the thought-crime, or, as the police put it these days, hate-crime, of homophobia.

"...If Sir Iqbal -- and adherents of the Muslim faith in general -- believe homosexuality to be repugnant, then that is their view, and it is not the business of the government, or the police... to divest them of it. But the Old Bill [=police] are scurrying around to Sir Iqbal's house with a view to prosecuting him for merely articulating one of the fundamental tenets of a religion whose strictures will soon be protected by law. [ i.e. the proposed UK law to criminalize the defamation of Islam] This is, quite literally, madness. The two laws -- one proposed and one already on the statute books -- are in direct, unequivocal opposition. One day we will surely see the prosecution of a gay person for suggesting that Islam is ludicrous and, by dint of its opposition to homosexuality, illegal. And where will we be then?"
Yes. To express one's beliefs is a hate-crime in merry old England. Kinda one of the reasons we sent them home, ya know. Used to be that giving offense to the King was a crime, but the Brits just changed it to mean giving offense to anyone. Then you can have everyone suing everyone because let's face it, people are going to offend one another on a daily basis. And nowadays it's "hateful" to simply disagree. Because disagreeing with a moslem means he's eventually going to want to kill you and your family so they really needed everyone to chill out after the subway bombings and this was the best they could come up with.

This has got to be killing the touchy-feelies on both the right and the left. Lefties adore moslems but love homosexuals more, and righties adore those who hate moslems but would tend to agree with this whack.

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