Monday, February 20, 2006

No Ticky For Wicki

Reference Tool On Web Finds Fans, Censors

"...Shi Zhao called his Internet service provider to complain. A technician confirmed what Shi already suspected: Someone in the government had ordered the site (Wikipedia) blocked again.

Who and why were mysteries, Shi recalled, but the technician promised to pass his complaint on to higher authorities if he put it in writing.
When the site was blocked in 2004, he had submitted a similar letter, and access had been quickly restored. Since then, the Chinese-language edition of Wikipedia had grown, broadening its appeal not only as a reference tool but also as a forum where people across China and the Chinese diaspora could gather, share knowledge and discuss even the most divisive subjects.

But today, four months after Shi submitted his letter, Wikipedia remains blocked.
The government has declined to explain its actions. But its on-again, off-again attempts to disrupt access to the site highlight the Communist Party's deep ambivalence toward the Internet: The party appears at once determined not to be left behind by the global information revolution and fearful of being swept away by it.

The Communist Party polices these emerging Internet communities with censors and undercover agents, and manages a Web site that it said received nearly a quarter-million anonymous tips about "harmful information" online last year. But the methods the party uses to control speech and behavior in the real world have proved less effective in cyberspace, where people get away with more, and where the government is often a step behind.
When authorities catch up, citizens often have already weakened the party's grip on public life and succeeded in expanding civil society. They have organized charity drives for rural schoolchildren and mobilized students for anti-Japanese protest marches."
Mobilizing students for anti-Japanese, huh? Ah, now I see why the loons are up in arms. The dastardly government...hey, they're communists but even liberals can only go so far...has put a crimp in the locals protesting against an American ally, and that's gotta hurt the feewings of every lefty on the face of the planet.

The above may be found in it's entirety over at the Washington Post, and one simply must feel for the crackheads as they strive to remain dryhumpers of everything commie whilest the yellow peril puts a crimp in fucking with America.

Poor babies.

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