Sunday, February 26, 2006

Serenity: On DVD

The good guys have that touch of wackiness, the bad guy is oh so cultured, dangerous, and evil, and hell, I didn't even mind the kung-foolishness all that much.

Off on a tangent time: Bruce Lee on his best day could walk into any truck stop and get his ass kicked to a fair thee well by any of a dozen or so big ass street fighters who just happened to be there for a cup of joe. Conversely, take any Clint Eastwood super-cowboy, place him in a modern quickdraw contest, and he'd be lucky to break the top 20. Western lore pales before the real thing, while Eastern lore has to have tiny people flying through the air and kicking larger peoples butts. The short man syndrome taken to the extreme.

So okay, I suspended my disbelief becuse the rest of the flick was that good. River Thames is a 17 year old girl who has been programmed to kick some serious ass, and it helps that she can read minds, too. Teaming up with a rapscallion band of future pirate/brigands who've taken to spitting in the evil empire's eye is all it takes for a merry chase across the cosmos.

Seems that there's this planet, this forbidden planet, if you will, that just happened to be one of those worlds that didn't take to terraforming. Terraforming, we are told, takes dozens of years, and no, I didn't toss a shoe at the TV, I let it be. I suspended the yadda-yadda again, went with the flow, and stayed tuned to the intreprid adventures because the actors nailed their lines, and the lines were nail-able, and the director knew when to pull back when things were getting out of hand.

The band manages to fight it's way onto the Forbidden Planet, discover it's evil secret, give the bad guy one helluva fight, and did I mention there's a tad of cleavage?

A very good way to waste some time while you're waiting for Godot. Send the grownup part of you to bed and let the kid have some fun for a while why don't you.

And since I am unable to respond in the comment section, yes, Lem. Lisa was saying the same thing. Pleasantly surprised that the thing rocked and we want some more.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

Good review. Just one quibble, it's River "Tam".

Fits said...

LOL. Yeah. Couldn't help myself, Lem. What with all of the Canadian and phony Brit accents. Liked the darn thing in spite of thinking I'd hate it.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

You should get the DVD set of the series episodes.