Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Now This, Ladies And Gents, Is Racist

Sometimes I really think you were better off an alcoholic. Sadly, you do not realize it, but you are still black and albeit behind your back (and many times even in your face) just a little “Stepin Fetchit” nigger to your white conservative “masters”. Hating your black self and blaming blacks for the current state of their condition, may make your masters proud, but only further enslaves YOU. You need to wake up sista.From an informed and educated WHITE brother!"

Damien KingBoston, MA

Found the above over at the Anklebiters and it's far too disgusting to go into detail over. From what I've heard of LaShawn, she's got enough of the right stuff in her to dismiss such bilgewater, but I for one would happily strangle the son of a bitch who authored the misanthropic missive. No talking. No being openminded. No listening to the other side of the story. Some things are open and shut. People who think like this are scumbags and should be sent far, far away. Like maybe hell.

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