Monday, February 20, 2006

Was so hot today...

Made me think of spring and the beach, so I took a trip on over to Wicked Weasel Bikini's to look for just that perfect one for the better half.

Don't think they can make 'em any skimpier but I've been saying that for a while and am proven wrong time and again.

Thank heavens.


Anonymous said...

A smile on the models' face would be nice

Anonymous said...

And since *the better half* can't venture outside without the animals making comments, what would be the point?

Those are *so* skimpy. I'd never wear such things out in public...I get enough grief at work while wearing baggy shirts and jeans!

But thanks for the thought!


Fits said...

First , first. None of these frickin models smile anymore. Ticks me off too. I actually selected the one with the least amount of frown as opposed to the nicest looking "suit".

And yeah, it's a shame we gotta keep you all bundled up lover, but blame the good lord for making you so beautiful.