Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heartfelt or Phony...

John Podhoretz on the battle for the ports...

"Schumer and others simply and transparently invented, stoked and exploited this issue, and did so masterfully. Their behavior may be contemptible, especially if it has damaged America's capacity to make common cause with moderate Muslim states. But you can't help admiring their political skills.

They've done so well with it — in fact, it's the first national-security issue Democrats have dominated since 9/11 — that there's little chance they're going to let it go just because, hey, it might be better for the country."
It's official. One can no longer speak of the port flubdubbery without a team of interpreters and accountants, so I've once and for all decided that since Chuck Schumer is against it, it must be a good idea. That goes for anything. Anyone having the time to stay abreast of this story simply has no life, and I'm tiring of he-said, she-said, it-said (still can't convince me that RodHam doesn't have a Y chromosome tucked away somewhere), so the time has come to construct a bellwether, and Chuckie is it. From now on, there'll be no more vetting, or awaiting word from an expert. If I want to know if something is for real or as absolutely full of shit as Teddy's story about that car and all that water, I'll simply check in with the Senior Senator from New York.

This isn't to say that true patriots are as low as Schumer simply because they happen to agree with him on this issue. The Democrats pray that such antics will attract Americans of good will, because on a national level they sure as hell aren't going anywhere with only the loons on their side. There are multitudes of decent people opposed to the port security deal and this is a good thing because we desperately need such perspective, but they cannot take this issue and use it as grounds to vote for some stark raving maniac. That's the ONLY reason the Schumers dragged the story into the light of day to begin with.

To, as RodHam likes to say, "take back our country." Gives me the shivers to think of what her country would be like.

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