Friday, February 17, 2006

Employers asking Moroccan women for sex in return for jobs in Spain

MADRID — Moroccan sufferings in Europe are not confined to racial discrimination, but also include new abuses, specially among Moroccan women.
The abuses were sexual blackmail of Moroccan women in return for recruiting them. The scandal came to light recently when some Moroccan women spoke to the media in Marsia, on the east of the Mediterranean coast.
Marisa, Rafgah and Valencia are the places attracting many migrants from Morocco to work in the farms.
The Spanish newspaper Le Firdad said that three Moroccan women left for Spain, aiming for a better life standard. They were surprised when they were forced to make love with the owner of the farm in return for their appointment. It was mentioned that the owners of the farms in Marci and Almeria do not like to sign long-term contracts with the migrants’ labourers and they prefer to appoint them weekly.
One of the Moroccan woman migrants said that it is not a new problem and said: “I migrated two years ago and I used to be asked for sexual favours in return for appointment. She added “not only the owner of the farm but also the mediators who are Moroccans and brought us to Spain used to force us to make love to them or those whom they recommended.” She added some of the women could not find any other way to make money."
Not that ANYTHING happening in Spain should be cause for surprise, and women remain used and abused all over the world while their well-to-do sisters have High-Tea and agonize over how to get a Clinton back into the oval office. But wouldn't you think that NOW would expend some of that hot air making stories such as the above obligatory features in all of the mainstream media outlets?

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