Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mr. Robinson was right, Benjamin

Left is an non-adjustable Fobus paddle. With the silly FBI grip-forward cant. Comfortable as all hells, easy on and off, but one must first learn to be a contortionist or face the prospect of not looking cool.

Right is an adjustable Fobus. I like the straight up presentation or a grip-rear cant. Not AS comfortable, but the draw is easier.

Below is an Uncle Mikes belt rig. Great retention but not something you fuss with heading out the door.

I've other Plastics, more coming soon, and will also feature certain nylon variations as well. Maybe I'll even show off some, gasp, fashionable rigs. Just as long as you promise not to tell.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

Just don't use them with a Glock.

Fits said...

Well, Lem, for over 15 years I've been using one Glock or another in one rig or another and have found that all one has too do is not squeeze the trigger and there's little or no drama. Some of the retention-strap brands of Kydex holsters had a problem with the straps interferring with the trigger guard, and I stay well aware of the fact that a chambered Glock has only one safety and it's the one between my ears.

Thanks for the comment.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

I've heard that the retention strap was responsable for the AD's associated with non Glock manufactured plastic holsters, but I'm not convinced.

I'll stick to the holster made by Glock. It is comfortable and has no plastic dipping down into the trigger guard to catch the trigger and make it go bang when I really don't want it to.

Of course ther is another side to this as well. You have to figure that any report of an accidental discharge filed by a LEO has about a 95% chance of being pure BS. They screw up and shoot themselves or some piece of departmental property and say, "oh, it was the gun or the holster or anything else besides my own stupidity".

Fits said...

Well tan my hide. Someone who actually knows guns. Welcome, brother.

Yep, everytime a LEO (or some other idjit) shoots his foot off, it's the guns fault, but we know better. I am so tired of law enforcements unfamiliarity with weapons (bad gun shoot me mommy take it away!)it isn't even funny. You would think that SOME level of professionalism would awaken in these guys and gals, but nope. Just the other day I received email from a LEO who was trying to sell me a Glock magazine. I asked what number follower was in the thing and, as god is my judge, he responded with, "I have no idea what you mean or what a follower is. I'm a cop." Another one insisted that he was issued a Glock 40 and since there IS no Glock model 40 I asked if he meant a Glock .40 caliber and he said "NO! We use Glock 40's!"

I could go on and on.