Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cue Twilight Zone Music...

Update On The Intervening of The ACLU Vs. NSA Lawsuit
by Jay on 02-20-06 @ 4:27 pm Filed under ACLU

"Because I reported on this site, which has been deleted now, about a fight between Debbie Shlussel and other bloggers, Debbie has decided to no longer represent stoptheaclu.com in the NSA intervening case."

Debbie takes exception to Misha. Then takes it out on Jay. Badanov leaves comments at her site and she deletes them. Meanwhile, I can't even load her bloody thing to see what's up in crazedbitchville but will try again. AND...I try and commiserate with Jay over at STOP and Word Press or whatever the frig it calls itself won't let me log in.

The internet sucks.

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