Thursday, February 23, 2006

It doesn't get any dumber than this

Shoot to hurt, pol urges cops

Daily News Exclusive: Sen. David Paterson is pushing a bill that would require cops to shoot to wound, rather than using deadly force - drawing outrage from officers. The bill also would create a new provision for second-degree manslaughter.
Moonbat Paterson has been watching far too much bad television. There is no reliable way to disable someone by shooting to wound. Most people do not even realize they've been shot until the adrenaline wears off and the biggest problem ANYONE has when meeting force on force is the fact that handguns are no where near effective enough to stop someone dead in their tracks. Sure it happens, but for every bad guy dropped by a one-shot-stop there are dozens who keep right on coming. Bullets kill, sure they do, but an assailant can take his sweet old time expiring while continuing to dole out harm to all around him.

Seems like Senator Paterson got his hands on some old Lone Ranger movies, and next he'll be asking why police just don't shoot the guns out of the bad guys hand.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

I had a friend with a large gun collection. He once showed me a very well made gun from Spain. It was police issue there during the first part of the last century. It was very accurate. The caliber was .25 acp. The police were trained to shoot for an arm or leg. Just tag them and they'll give up.

They switched to 9mm when the bad guys started shooting back.

Fits said...

Some of the older European firearms were beautiful pieces. But caliber-wise they've always preferred their mouse guns. Remember the old James Bond books where Fleming had 007 switch from a .25 to a .32? Not that Fleming knew squat about guns, but he did pass along the general Euro feeling towards entry-level handguns with marginal stopping power. Not to start a caliber war, but the last cop killed in NYC unloaded 9 rounds into two bad guys and one of them got so pissed he fired back. Once. Cop dropped dead on the spot from a well-placed .357 and both thugs are recovering nicely from those irritating 9mm holes he put in them. I've a few of 'em myself, small caliber holes, not thugs. And thank the good lord all the idjit who was shooting me had was an old P-38.

"Honey, did you ever have ringworm?"

"No, dear. Thems entrance wounds and the others are exit wounds."