Sunday, February 19, 2006

Liberal Media Silver Lining...

Or, when there isn't anything good to say about a terrorist, make it up. Case in point, the victory of Hamas and the ascendancy of Ismail Haniyeh...terrorist a political force among the Palestinians. Prime Minister, in fact.

In 2003, Hamas took credit for the bus bomb that killed 23 Jews, and in retaliation Haniyeh was placed on Israel's most wanted list. The Israeli's tried...several kill this murdering scum, but random chance was on the side of the scum on each occasion.

So how does the MSM respond to all this? Well try the Washington Post:

"Haniyeh was expelled by Israel to south Lebanon in 1992, returned to Gaza a year later and became the dean of the Islamic University. In 1998, he took charge of Yassin's office.A pragmatist, he served as a liaison between Hamas and Palestinian Authority, established in 1994 and dominated by the rival Fatah movement."

Next up, the NY Times finds that he is "considered less radical than others", failing to inform us who considers this madman to be less radical than say, Hitler on coke. Beg pardon? No one but the liberal media considers him anything but a killing machine dialed into Jew?

Good point. We'll keep the usual eye on the Paleswines so you don't have to. Worst comes to worst, check into what LGF is saying, or rather is linking to what others are saying because Charles doesn't write anything. But have no fear; plenty of reasonable people (no, Charles is not considered reasonable) are watching the moslems. They aren't the ones getting much press, but they're out there.

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