Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stopping Iran...

"...As for a military option against Iran's nuclear facilities, it remains a possibility — perhaps ultimately a necessity — but those pundits calling blithely for air-strikes have no conception of how intense and difficult a campaign would be required. The Iranians learned from the fate of Saddam Hussein's nuclear project: Tehran's program is hidden, hardened and human-shielded."

Ralph Peters has been positioning himself as a contrarian for some time now. Poo-poo'ing virtually every suggestion concerning the destruction of Iran's nuclear dreams while providing no alternative course of action isn't a discussion, or an opinion, as much as declaring that we're all too stupid to see the big picture. Of course their facilities will be hard to get at. Of course the liberal media will use every last civilian casualty as a a geek show to sell more laundry detergent. But he knows full well that the Pentagon has been feverishly working on this and has generated plans A to Z for the President's perusal.

And so do the Iranians. They can say all they want, but the total destruction of their visions of mushroom clouds over Israel would be a devastating blow and prove to the rest of the world that they're nothing more than just another half-civilized 3rd world country who dared get in the way of the US. They'll talk turkey just as soon as it's apparent that to do otherwise will get them hurt.

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