Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lost in Lost

The problem with a smash show is the insider-storyline. Once viewers become accustomed to tuning in, the writers no longer need to maintain the narrative thread and can leap about in one non sequitor frolic after another.

Take this evening's offering of Lost. Please. The Iraqi guy frees a bad guy that he must then re-capture so he can interrogate him but the Doctor wants to free the guy again. That and the conman squishing a frog was the whole show. Yes, there's the obligatory bad-bad-BAD US military, but at least this week everyone wasn't running a Chinese firedrill because of the conman stealing the evil-evil-EVIL "guns".

And that's it. Capture a bad guy, free the bad guy, capture the bad guy, ad infinitum. Lots of close-ups of the actors doing something with their faces, a sort of something that the directors must have convinced them was acting. But why bother. People are still so enamored of Gilligan's Island For Liberals they watch regardless of the bad writing, acting and directing.

And it pisses me off because I was just getting into the show, or trying to. "24" is so bad I cannot watch any more than half a minute or so of it, and fer chrissake sometimes a guy just wants to get with the program and catch one of the hot shows, but lordy, they are awful.

Next week I'll tune back in. Lisa likes it and I want to share some TV time with her. Problem is I hate TV. This, my dear friends, is what love is all about.


Anonymous said...

As always, I am honored that you spend your time with me. Especially since the writting sucks, and I *know* how that grates on your nerves.

On a scale of 1-10, tonight's show was a 2. They usually aren't *that* horrid...but I think you hit it by saying that the show has an audience and therefor some aspects thereof are slipping.

But I still love it!


Fits said...