Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ms Minutiae

Finally snored my way into Debbie Does No-Doze. 12 minutes. Frig but that's a long wait to catch some hysterical lady's attempt at writing.

She kvetches about Julie Myers wearing a "Mexican Eagle" brooch, and this is no surprise as just about every bigtime web gal went stark raving mad when Ms Myers was selected as Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

But she wears the wrong eagle? Can't get a close a look at the friggin pin to be certain, but sure, it could have been a Beaner Eagle or it could also have been an American Eagle.

And know what?

Who gives a rats ass. This is supposed to mean that she favors open-borders and Mexicans on every doorstep because her eagle might have been a south of the border bird? Sorry, but upon closer examination it looks more like the Ruger logo than anything else, and what could be more American than the country's largest manufacturer of firearms.

Now, Ms Myers DOES give some spooky ass glare from those Manson lamps, but I'll leave the definitive nesting grounds of her eagle to those who see monsters under their beds. Or think that parody/humor blogs are out to get them. And then punish everyone within reach.


Anonymous said...

Schlussel has a huge hard-on for this woman, repeatedly calling her the ICE Princess, a pretty gross case of projecting if you ask me.

I'd post a message at her site that Since she hates the ICE Princess so bad, would be be willing to make a few extra bucks mud wrestling?

But then Schlussel would just delete it

Lemuel Calhoon said...

Schlussel is a major crackpipe, but that doesn't change the fact that everyone on the ground at ICE hates Julie Myers.

Fits said...

Yeah. Seems that few words of praise are directed in Ms Julie's general direction. But since Schlussel is raging on her perhaps she isn't all that bad.

C'mon now bad; go comment anyways and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

She banned me. I was going to post in her ICE Princess thread:

How about the battle fo the Ice Queens?

Mud wrestling, three rounds. I could sell tickets. We could make a bundle!

But the comment won't save.

Fits said...

Ah, damn. Oh well. No sense of humor.

Unknown said...

It's actually a pin sold thru the Library of Congress. Here

One of Debbie's commenters tried to point this out and has been deleted both times.