Friday, February 17, 2006

With Apologies To Ben Grimm and Aaron...

It's Clobberin' Time.

From the very first issue of the Fantastic 4 I was hooked on the Thing, and kudos must go to Aaron for featuring old blue eyes in his blog. I give a nod to the lad because I would not want it thought I was purloining his Thingish Thunder, but on to brass tacks.

Fobus holsters are wonderful rigs, plain and simple. Plastic, yes, but wonderful plastic. Problem is, they are made in Israel and out come the Jew haters whenever one dwells upon the merits of something invented by those who've had the balls to stand up to the arabs.

What a frickin dilemma. The uber-liberals hate them because they stand in the way of an imaginary state for an imaginary people, and the uber-conservatives hate them because Hitler said it was the right thing to do.

But can you leave your politics at home and stop yammering at me when all I'm trying to do is shoot my bloody guns? I like the Fobus product. I use the Fobus product. I recommend the Fobus product.

And the next guy who stands in front of me and says he wouldn't be caught dead with a Jew-Rig is going to get knocked on his ass. No more warnings. No more growls. It's my shit and you jump in it at your own fucking risk. Hate whomever the fuck you want to hate but do it at home or some other dirty place. I've been too nice but that's ending right here, right now. Tell me my choice of rigs sucks, or I can't shoot worth a shit, or I wouldn't know good ammo from the crap they push in the gun magazines.

But spit out "Jew" in my presence and you'll be spitting out teeth.

And you just might have the impression of a certain holster manufacturers name imbedded in your forehead for quite some time to come.