Friday, February 17, 2006

Equal Time: News From Somalia...

Let's call this other news featuring those wacky Somalians. Just the whole country, mind you. Not the dozens that Dennis knows. The chap in the poster is everyone's favorite terrorist, and the caption reads, suprisingly enough, death to America.

BBC News AFRICA US shuts down Somalia internet

"Somalia's only internet company and a key telecoms business have been forced to close because the United States suspects them of terrorist links."


Anonymous said...

If Somalis turn on Dennis, it will not be just another tragedy. It will be friendly fire.

Fits said...

True. Not saying that it'll happen, mind you, but it's all well and good to take a side when you've become enamored of a people, but it's all when and dumb to think that they'd NOT skin you alive in a heartbeat if it suited them. 3rd worlders have their own manual on how to live in society, and Dennis saying he's met a few and adores them is scary. For him. Then again, I know more than one fella who keeps big cats around the house and part of the atraction is waiting for them to turn and eat you.

Not for me, thanks. As I've said over at his joint, another side, a different opinion to a fuckfest of hate is welcome, but for chrissake calling a spade a spade ISN'T being a bigot when all you're doing is reporting what the sand fleas are up to on a regular basis and not for nothing, but "A few friends of mine are Somali" is just as bad as "A few friends of mine are black."

Wait. Somali's ARE black. And moslem. A two-fer. Liberal nirvana. Damn but what's gotten into the lad?